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Monday — March 3rd, 2014


No Next No Last

Summer Break

I want to let everyone know who follow Flash, Goose and Barney that Mixed Brood is taking a summer hietus. They may pop in from time to time over the summer break but will have no set schedule. In the fall they will resume their regular Monday – Friday updates. Thank you all and enjoy the great weather!

Next Mixed Brood this Friday!!

Hey all – I’m coming off a short break and will have an update this Friday. See you then!

From the Sketchbook…


Next Comic up this weekend…

Been a busy week. Unfortunately no comic Friday. Definitely this weekend. Sorry ’bout that. – Kent

You guessed it…New Mixed Brood Wallpaper Day!!


Next Update Wed April 28!


Mark your calendars!! 😉

PS. Happy 3rd Birthday to my niece Lara!!!

New Mixed Brood Wallpaper Day!!


Next Update Friday April 16

Hope to see you Friday!

New Comic Tuesday!

And then another on Friday…See you soon!!

New Mixed Brood Wallpaper Day!!